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Eddystone Lighthouse
Elliot Terrace
Exeter (1)
Exeter (2)
Exeter (3)


Falmouth (Cornwall) 1
Falmouth (Cornwall) 2
Fastnet (1965) Plymouth
Fastnet 2 (1965) Plymouth
Fingles Bridge, River Teign
Fishing (Barbican) 1
Fishing (2)
Fish Market (Barbican) 1
Fish Market (2)
Fish Market (3)
Formula Four Powerboats
Fowey, Golitha Falls (Cornwall)
Freedom Fields Park

George Hotel (Plymouth)
George Street (Plymouth) 1
George Street (Plymouth) 2
George Street (Plymouth) 3
Golden Hinde (replica)
Globe Hotel (Plymouth)
Glynn Valley, Bodmin Moor
Golfing Tournament
Golitha Falls, Fowey (Cornwall)
Grain Silo (Millbay)
Green, Rev. L.
Guildhall (Plymouth)
Guildhall 2 (plymouth)

Half Penny Bridge (Plymouth)
Hannaford, West Looe (Cornwall)
Hawns and Dendles Wood (Cornwood)
Hendra - Mine Engine House (Cornwall)
Henly-on-Thames (Oxfordshire)
Highland Light Infantry
High Street (Exeter)
High Street (Totnes)
HMS Amphion
HMS Cambridge
HMS Calcutta
HMS Hibernia
HMS Impregnable
HMS Revenge
Hoe (Plymouth) 1
Hoe (Plymouth) 2
Hoe (Plymouth) 3
Hoe (Plymouth) 4
Hoe (Plymouth) 5
Hoe (Plymouth) 6
Hoe (Plymouth) 7
Hoe (Plymouth) 8
Hoe (Plymouth) 9
Hoe Theatre


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