About: The Plymouth Barbican Trust

The Plymouth Barbican Trust (formerly Association), a charitable trust, which looks after some twenty historic properties in the old quarter of the city of Plymouth, was one of the first bodies of its kind to be formed in 1957 and to date has been one of the most successful.

Over the last fifty years the Association has gone from strength to strength, their property portfolio has increased, all of the buildings have been refurbished, some several times, and all of them kept in line with modern practices and building legislation.

In 1970, as part of the Mayflower 350th Anniversary, the Association created the delightful Elizabethan Gardens at the back of their New Street properties (open free to the public all year round).

Happily the City Council now embrace almost all of the ideals of the Plymouth Barbican Trust and the future for the area would appear to be secure, however, without the efforts of the PBA it would undoubtedly have looked very different today – essentially it would have become a 1950s housing estate with just a handful of old buildings – a far cry from the enchanting mix of ancient properties that line the greatest area of cobbled streeting in Britain.


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